In the world of organised crime, the Russian contingent is easily seen as one of the most aggressive and violent organisations. There has been some recent concern that Russian money is pouring into the UK and it could be connected to organised crime. Unfortunately, investigating the matter alone can be a fatal mistake. Famous for retaliation and enforcement, the Russian mob is quick to protect its interests through any means necessary. It’s believed the death of a prisoner in Russia and a body found on the streets of Surrey could be directly related to the Russian mob and the threat of more violence on UK streets.

Fear Grows
Sergei Magnitsky was a legal adviser. He had begun an investigation into any potential Russian ties to organised crime in Britain. Not too long after he began, Magnitsky was arrested for alleged tax offences. He spent nearly a year imprisoned. He died behind bars on 16 November 2009. Russian reports stated Magnitsky’s death was the result of heart failure. Only the Russian Human Rights Council believed Magnitsky’s death was avoidable. They report he was deliberately denied the medical attention that would have saved his life. Many believe Magnitsky was killed. Investigation into the possibility has produced threats to anyone that has dared to see what’s behind the curtain, including Bill Browder and his staff at Hermitage Capital. The initial investigation into Russian activities by Magnitsky was financed by Browder.

Mysterious Death
Alexander Perepilichny was able to link Russian officials to money transfers involving fraudulent tax refunds. There were rumors those money transfers could have had Russian mob connections and Perepilichny was put on a hit list. A little over a year and a half later, Perepilichny was found dead on a street in Surrey. Five months later and no one can say how he died.

These are just two of the unsettling stories surrounding the rumored influx of Russian organised activity on the streets of Britain. The EU has taken a special interest in this possibility, launching what is going to be a long term operation with a number of law enforcement agencies.