European citizens of voting age can sign form for marijuana legalization. 1 Million signatures from at least 7 different countries should be gathered in order to take this to propose legislation.

Europe Union accepted “Weed Like to Talk Initiative”. It seeks to legalize marijuana in Europe. Signatures collection already started. It has 12 months to get all signatures.

Scientifically is proven than cannabis are not that dangerous and there is no such a big health risk as other drugs (alcohol, tobacco) or such medical supplies as pain killers or psychoactive medication.

As you can see in the table below cannabis use is relatively common in the European Union (EU) and Norway, with around 23 million people (6.8 % of all 15- to 64-year-olds) having used the drug in the past year and about 12 million (3.6 % of all 15- to 64-year-olds) in the last month. Based on the existing information, it can be estimated that there are around 3 million daily or almost daily cannabis users in the EU and Norway. Found @

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Cannabis is still considered as a narcotic drug in most of Europe Union countries. Citizens can not have any kind of cannabis with their self. If anyone would be catch with any type of cannabis it would punishable offence for carrying narcotic drugs. But it is legal to have or even to collect cannabis seeds therefore you cannot grow it.